Tadley Chamber of Trade donation to Paices Wood

As an ex-gravel pit, funding for work and materials for the park has, historically, always been available through Natural England's Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund.

Sadly, however, the whole fund ceased in April 2012. Other funding and support from the volunteer group, the Pang Kennet Countryside Projects run under the supervision of the FWAG (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group) has also disappeared as the FWAG went into administration late last year.

Paices Wood is run as a not-for-profit public amenity, benefitting the local community, so this loss of funding has made it very difficult to not only maintain, but continue to improve the facilities for the public.

There are two interpretation boards in the park which currently require replacement, one due to the wooden board rotting away and the other being due to information on the board requiring an update with new map and opening times, thanks to the opening of the new entrance to the Park last May, which has changed the layout and extended the opening times for the better enjoyment of the public.

Paices Wood therefore approached the Tadley Chamber of Trade and were pleased that they were happy to help by donating £250 towards the cost of replacing interpretation boards at Paices Wood. A big thank you to them for their generous donation.

If you can help then please contact Roy Young on 0118 981 7166 or by email to info@paiceswood.net.

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