BBOWT Team Day at Paices Wood

The local Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) visited Paices Wood Country Park for their Berkshire Team day out on the 8th of June.

They were joined by a select group of skilled volunteers to undertake a Big Nature Count. This is a whole day spent identifying as much wildlife as possible so that we know more about the area and we can look after it properly.

The day started the night before with some moth trapping - luring these nocturnal insects in with a very bright light. Over 90 species of moths were recorded, including the spectacular Lime Hawk Moth.

During the rest of the day a grand total of 569 different kinds of animal, plant and fungus were identified, many of which have not been recorded from Paices Wood before. This information will be used by the Wildlife Trust to get a better understanding of how wildlife is faring in Berkshire and across the UK.

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